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  • Address Books

    Learn how to manage address books in your Click2Mail account.

  • User Credit

    Learn how to manage user credit in the Click2Mail Mailing Online UI.

  • Ancillary Endorsements

    Learn about Ancillary Endorsements and how to add them to your mail using the Click2Mail Mailing Online UI.

  • Demos and Videos

    Check out some of our most popular and helpful video tutorials.

  • Job Configuration

    Learn more about configuring a job in the Click2Mail Mailing Online UI.

  • Documents

    Learn more about Documents in the Click2Mail Mailing Online UI.

  • Mailing Lists

    Learn more about managing mailing lists in your Click2Mail account.

  • Images

    Learn about managing images in your Click2Mail account.

  • Job Templates

    Learn more about managing job templates in your Click2Mail account. This is extremely helpful if you send the same type

  • Mailing List Troubleshooting

    Some tips and tricks for resolving the most commonly seen mailing list errors.

  • Manage Account Addresses

    Learn more about managing account addresses in the Click2Mail Mailing Online UI.

  • Master - Sub Accounts

    Learn more about master and sub-accounts and what you can do with them in the Click2Mail Mailing Online UI.

  • Order History

    View orders, get tracking, download proofs, and print invoices for past jobs from the Order History in the Click2Mail Ma

  • Order Process

    Learn more about how to create and submit jobs in the Click2Mail Mailing Online UI.

  • Payment Options

    Manage and get information related to payment options.

  • Return Addresses

    Learn about managing return addresses in your Click2Mail Mailing Online account.

  • Proof

    Learn move about your job proof.

  • MOL Pro Document Editor

  • Document Editor

  • FAQs about Click2Mail's APIs

    Our API documentation at is by far your best resource for learning more about Click2Mail's API

  • Brochures

    Click2Mail's brochures are beautiful and sturdy mailers. They're printed in full color and sure to make an impression wh

  • Certified Mail

    Learn more about the Certified Mail products Click2Mail offers/

  • Letters

    Learn about letter products offered by Click2Mail.

  • Postcards Product Information

    Learn more about the postcard products Click2Mail offers.

  • Priority, Priority Mail Express®

    Learn more about Priority and Priority Mail Express® options offered by Click2Mail.

  • Reply Mail

    Learn about the courtesy reply letter and courtesy and business reply postcards Click2Mail offers.

  • Flyers

    Learn more about the flyer products offered by Click2Mail.

  • Notecards

    Learn more about our single sided and folded notecards.

  • Booklets

    Learn more about Click2Mail's booklet products.

  • Get a List

    Learn more about mailing list rental from Click2Mail.

  • Design Templates

    Learn more about Click2Mail's design templates.

  • Layout Templates

    Layout templates provide guidance when creating a document you want to mail through Click2Mail.

  • First Class

    Learn more about first class mail.

  • USPS related FAQs

    These are some of the most frequently asked postal related questions received by the Click2Mail support team.

  • Mailing Addresses

    Information about postal requirements related to mailing addresses.

  • Nonprofit

    Learn more about Nonprofit authorization and how it can work with Click2Mail.

  • Political Mail

    Learn more about Political Mail.

  • Standard Class / Marketing Mail

    If your content qualifies and you are less concerned with delivery speed, marketing mail may be a great option for you.

  • Mail My Doc

    Learn more about the Mail My Doc Google Add-on by Click2Mail.