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Download Intelligent Mail® (Non-Certified Tracking) Tracing Data

Most Click2Mail products are now mailed with an Intelligent Mail® barcode on them. Intelligent Mail® is used to trace the delivery of non-certified mail.  While tracing is not available on the website, it is returned to Click2Mail and we post it to your account. Tracing can indicate that a piece arrived at the delivery post office. Tracing data is not available for 100% of mail pieces and not all pieces will receive a delivered or USPS indicated delivery scan.

To view and download Intelligent Mail® data for an order, log in to your account.  Click "My Account".


This will take you to your account dashboard. Your order history is at the bottom of your account dashboard. You can also click "Order History", located in the menu on the left hand side of the dashboard. 

From your order history, locate the invoice you are researching. Click the three dot menu icon on the right and then click "View Tracking".


Tracking will be displayed. 


There are two reports available for download. These reports provide additional information about the scans received for your mail. The Summary Report is particularly helpful if you have many, many pieces in your order because it is a CSV file that you can easily sort and review. The Detail Report contains the same information but it is a PDF file. 

Click "Download" to select the Summary Report or the Detail Report.�


Click2Mail Customer Support is available Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern. Our phone number is 866-665-2787 and our email address is [email protected].

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