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Mail a Document from your Google Drive

Mail a Document from your Google Drive using the Click2Mail Add-on.

Start by clicking "Add-ons", selecting "Mail My Doc by Click2Mail" and then clicking "Mail document".


If you have not already signed in, you will be prompted to enter your Click2Mail Sign In information.  Enter your Username and Password before clicking "Sign In".


You can mail your document to one or more addresses. Choose one of the following options to select your mail recipients.

1. To enter a single mailing address, click "New Address". You will be prompted to enter an address for mailing.  Instructions for entering a single address can be found here.

2. To mail to an existing list, click "Existing Lists", select the list you wish to mail to and click "Continue".


3. You can create a Google Sheet that contains multiple mailing addresses by clicking "Create/Import".  You can find instructions for creating and mailing to a Google Sheet here.

4. You can mail to addresses currently located on a Google Sheet by clicking "Create/Import".  This will convert the sheet into a mailing list.  Instructions for importing a Google sheet of addresses can be found here.

Once you have indicated to whom you are mailing the document, you are ready to select print options.  Available print options depend on the product you are mailing.  After making your selections, click "Continue".


A proof represents the file we will print.  To view a proof of your document, click "Generate".


After the proof is generated, click "Download Proof".  Once you've downloaded the proof, review it carefully to ensure you are pleased with the file. 

If you have already funded your Click2Mail account, review your job costs and mailing information.  Click "Submit Job".

If you have not funded your Click2Mail account, you will be prompted to "Add Funds". and directed to your Click2Mail account where you will sign in and purchase credit.  


You will receive confirmation that your order was successful.  


You will also receive email confirmation that your order was received. You'll also receive email confirmation when your order is mailed. Orders submitted by 8 PM Eastern are mailed the next business day.  Orders submitted after 8 PM Eastern are mailed two business days later.  You can view your order status from your Click2Mail account.

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