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Embed Fonts into an MS Word Document

Fonts that are unsupported by the Click2Mail system will typically (not always!) print if they are embedded into the document.  One quick and fairly reliable way to embed fonts into a document is to convert it to a PDF.  If you do not have a PDF converter, you can still embed most fonts into a MS Word document if they are TrueType fonts and if they aer available for embedding.  You can determine if a font is True Type by looking at the Windows Font folder, or simply looking for the TT next to the font name in the font drop down list in MS Word.  The only way to determine if a font is embeddable is to download a tool for use with Windows 95 and higher.  The tool is available at this location:

When you run this tool, it updates Windows so that when  you right click on a font file and choose properties, one of the tabs will tell you how and if you can embed a font.  If the font is not embeddable and not supported by Click2Mail, it is better for you to select a font that is either supported or embeddable.

After you know a font is embeddable, you have to embed the font into the word document.  To achieve this, follow these steps:

1.  Select Options from teh Tools menu.  This will open a dialog box.

2.  Select the Save tab.

3.  Make sure the Embed TrueType Fonts checkbox is selected.

4.  If you will be using a small number of characters in a font, choose Embed Characters  In Use Only check box.

5.  Click OK.

6.  Proceed with saving and uploading your document to Click2Mail.

Embedding fonts will increase the size of the document, and therefore increase the time it takes to upload your document. 

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