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Components of a Successful Direct Marketing Campaign

According to the Direct Marketers Association, there are three major things that make a direct marketing campaign successful, and they are:

1.  List (40%) - Target the correct market.  Make sure you send your direct mail to people who want your product.  You can have best offer and the most beautiful postcard in the world, but if you send it to a segment of the population who doesn't need it, the campaign will fail.  If you don't already have a mailing list, call Click2Mail customer support at 866-665-2787.  We can help you obtain the best contacts for the best price.

2.  Offer (40%) - You must give the recipient a reason to call you.  What is the recipient going to get when they call you?  This could be a coupon, premium or trial offer.  This is your hook.

3.  Creative (20%) - The mail piece must show what your product or service will do for your potential customers.  If you're a little lost on creating a marketing piece, call Click2Mail customer support at 866-665-2787.  Our creative services team can help you create a quality mailpiece at an extremely affordable price. 

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