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Formatting the Google Sheet

The Google Sheet you integrate with the Click2Mail CRM Hub must include three fields with specific header names.

These fields are:

1. C2M Status - You will enter "READY FOR C2M" in this field when you want us to pull the data. This phrase is used for both the Google Drive Watch and the Google Sheets Watch. 

2. C2M Result - Click2Mail will update this field in the spreadsheet to indicate success or error during processing. This field is only for the status of data submission. If, for example, you need more funds on your Click2Mail account, your request will fail until that's resolved. 

3. c2m_uniqueID - This field is left blank for most customers, but you can send Click2Mail a unique identifier for that mailpiece if necessary. This identifier must be unique, or the submission will fail. We suggest leaving this field blank unless your CRM has explicitly assigned one for this mailer. 

The header names are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as you see above.

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